Journal Publications

21. High-Q, low-threshold monolithic perovskite thin-film vertical-cavity lasers
Songtao Chen, Cheng Zhang, Joonhee Lee, Jung Han, Arto Nurmikko
Advanced Materials 1604781 (2017)

20. Spectroscopy of optical gain in low threshold colloidal quantum dot laser media: Dominance of single exciton states
Kwangdong Roh, Joonhee Lee, Cuong Dang, Craig Breen, Arto Nurmikko
Optical Materials Express 6 (12), 3776-3786 (2016)

19. Lead-free Mn-doped (K0.5, Na0.5)NbO3 piezoelectric thin films for MEMS-based vibrational energy harvester applications
Sung Sik Won, Joonhee Lee, Vineeth Venugopal, Dong-Joo Kim, Jinkee Lee, Ill Won Kim, Angus I Kingon, Seung-Hyun Kim
Applied Physics Letters 108, 232908 (2016)

18. A photonic crystal laser from solution based organo-lead iodide perovskite thin films
Songtao Chen, Kwangdong Roh, Joonhee Lee, Wee Kiang Chong, Yao Lu, Nripan Mathews, Tze Chien Sum, Arto Nurmikko
ACS Nano, 10 (4), 3959-3967 (2016)

17. Transparent intracortical microprobe array for simultaneous spatiotemporal patterned optical stimulation and electrical recording
Joonhee Lee, Ilker Ozden, Yoon-Kyu Song, Arto V. Nurmikko
Nature Methods 12 (12) 1157-1162 (2015) (also appeared on NSF’s NewsOSA’ Optics & Photonices News)

16. Surface-emitting red, green, and blue colloidal quantum dot distributed feedback lasers
Kwangdong Roh, Cuong Dang, Joonhee Lee, Songtao Chen, Jonathan S Steckel, Seth Coe-Sullivan, Arto Nurmikko
Optics Express 22 (15), 18800-18806 (2014)

15. Highly efficient, spatially coherent distributed feedback lasers from dense colloidal quantum dot films
Cuong Dang, Joonhee Lee, Kwangdong Roh, Hanbit Kim, Sungmo Ahn, Heonsu Jeon, Craig Breen, Jonathan S Steckel, Seth Coe-Sullivan, Arto Nurmikko
Applied Physics Letters 103 (17), 171104 (2013) (also appeared on Research Highlights in Nature Materials)

14. A coaxial optrode as multifunction write-read probe for optogenetic studies in non-human primates
Ilker Ozden, Jing Wang, Yao Lu, Travis May, Joonhee Lee, Werapong Goo, Daniel J O’Shea, Paul Kalanithi, Ilka Diester, Mohamed Diagne, Karl Deisseroth, Krishna V Shenoy, Arto Nurmikko
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 219 (1), 142-154 (2013)

13. A wafer‐level integrated white‐light‐emitting diode incorporating colloidal quantum dots as a nanocomposite luminescent material
Cuong Dang, Joonhee Lee, Yu Zhang, Jung Han, Craig Breen, Jonathan S Steckel, Seth Coe‐Sullivan, Arto Nurmikko
Advanced Materials 24 (44), 5915-5918 (2012)

12. Red, green and blue lasing enabled by single-exciton gain in colloidal quantum dot films
Cuong Dang, Joonhee Lee, Craig Breen, Jonathan S Steckel, Seth Coe-Sullivan, Arto Nurmikko
Nature Nanotechnology 7 (5), 335-339 (2012) (also appeared on ACS’s Chemical & Engineering NewsIoP’s Physics World, OSA’ Optics & Photonices News, SPIE’s News)


Seoul national university emblem.pngWorks at Seoul National University 

11. Electroluminescence from n–n isotype heterostructures of graded-band-gap ZnMgO: Al and ZnO films on platinized Si
Jong-Gul Yoon, Sung Woo Cho, WS Choi, Dae Yeol Kim, Hojun Chang, CO Kim, Joonhee Lee, Heonsu Jeon, SH Choi, TW Noh
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 44 (41), 415402 (2011)

10. Polarization-dependent GaN surface grating reflector for short wavelength applications
Joonhee Lee, Sungmo Ahn, Hojun Chang, Jaehoon Kim, Yeonsang Park, Heonsu Jeon
Optics Express 17 (25), 22535-22542 (2009)

9. AlGaN membrane grating reflector
Jaehoon Kim, Dong-Uk Kim, Joonhee Lee, Heonsu Jeon, Yeonsang Park, Y-S Choi
Applied Physics Letters 95 (2), 021102 (2009)

8. GaN-based light-emitting diodes directly grown on sapphire substrate with holographically generated two-dimensional photonic crystal patterns
Joonhee Lee, Dong-Ho Kim, Jaehoon Kim, Heonsu Jeon
Current Applied Physics 9 (3), 633-635 (2009)

7. GaN light-emitting diode with monolithically integrated photonic crystals and angled sidewall deflectors for efficient surface emission
Joonhee Lee, Sungmo Ahn, Sihan Kim, Dong-Uk Kim, Heonsu Jeon, Seung-Jae Lee, Jong Hyeob Baek
Applied Physics Letters 94 (10), 101105 (2009)
(also ranked as Applied Physics Letter’s monthly top 20 most-downloaded articles in March 2009)

6. GaN light-emitting diode with deep-angled mesa sidewalls for enhanced light emission in the surface-normal direction
Jae-Soong Lee, Joonhee Lee, Sunghwan Kim, Heonsu Jeon
Transactions on Electron Devices, IEEE 55 (2), 523-526 (2008)

5. Fabrication of reflective GaN mesa sidewalls for the application to high extraction efficiency LEDs
Jae‐Soong Lee, Joonhee Lee, Sunghwan Kim, Heonsu Jeon
Physica Status Solidi (c) 4 (7), 2625-2628 (2007)

4. GaN surface-emitting laser with monolithic cavity-folding mirrors
Jae-Soong Lee, Joonhee Lee, Heonsu Jeon
Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE 19 (8), 577-579 (2007)

3. Photonic crystal cavity lasers patterned by a combination of holography and photolithography
Chi-O Cho, Joonhee Lee, Yeonsang Park, Yeong-Geun Roh, Heonsu Jeon, In Kim
Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE 19 (8), 556-558 (2007)

2. GaN-based light-emitting diode structure with monolithically integrated sidewall deflectors for enhanced surface emission
Jae-Soong Lee, Joonhee Lee, Sunghwan Kim, Heonsu Jeon
Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE 18 (15), 1588-1590 (2006)

1. Photonic crystal band edge laser array with a holographically generated square-lattice pattern
Chi-O Cho, Jaewook Jeong, Joonhee Lee, Heonsu Jeon, In Kim, Dong Hoon Jang, Yoon Soo Park, Jong Chun Woo
Applied Physics Letters 87, 161102 (2006)